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Rules & Registration - Updated 11/9/18

We will be posting our next event here when we have more information about a location and available timeframe, thanks for your support.

Do I have to register online to attend “THE LAN”?

Walk-ins are welcome to view and see the event. Those that don’t pre-register online will end up completing the exact same process at the event during the first step of on-site registration. This is to keep the numbers of registrants consistent and flowing.

Location Information:

Chapel Hill Fire Department
13801 County Rd 220 - Tyler, TX 75707
Directions to Location:
8:00AM (Setup) 10:00am (Start) 11:30pm (End)

Bring Your Own Computer. What is the BYOC?

The Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) area at “The LAN”. We provide the tables, chairs, power, and enormous gaming network; you bring your computer that’s ready-to-play your favorite video games. It’s just about that simple. Servers and open network shares will be provided for sharing games. You CAN also bring your own chair to the event. 

Who can attend “THE LAN”?

“The LAN” is open to the public at no cost but individuals with computers has an entry fee of $20. The price for NOT-registering online is $25, you must pay at the door. Attendees may pre-register online, but all attendees MUST check-in at event as well. Registering online provides an expedited check in on-site.

What should I bring?

You should bring your computer (1 tower/desktop or laptop), 1 monitor, and any peripherals within reason that you want to use at the event like a keyboard, mouse, and HEADPHONES ONLY (NO SPEAKERS). Please bring an enclosed computer in a case, nothing external. This is an open environment where space is precious. 

Is there anything I SHOULD NOT bring?

Yes, a more complete list will be available on-site, but there are some important items that sometimes surprise attendees. With your computer, you SHOULD NOT bring speakers, network cables or switches, or uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) of any size.  We are not responsible for any broken items that you bring to “The LAN.” Another big category of slightly unintuitive banned items are any form of glass containers, basins of water or ice, or projectile toys/weapons, NO ALCOHOL is allowed!

What size monitor/computer can I bring?

We’re relatively flexible. The tables in “The LAN” are six foot folding tables (2 persons per table), and each attendee seat is half of a table (three feet). You should plan to fit everything you bring with you well-enough inside of that space that you’re a good neighbor to your fellow attendees. Some people purchase more seats for more room, whatever fits your fancy. Please don’t plan on bringing anything to place in an aisle. It’s important to the safety of other attendees that our footpaths remain clear should there be an emergency. Thinking of something else? Contact Us! if you think you need a special consideration.

LAN Schedule (Tentative):

08:00AM - Doors Open (Setup)
8:15AM - 11:15PM - Details to Come
11:30PM - LAN End/Cleanup

General Info / Registration:

Above all have fun! We will have a great time! Profanity is tolerated to an extent and you must respect the boundaries of your peers.

*By registering for and attending this event you release Critgamer Gaming Community from all liability of property loss or injury. You also understand while participating in this event, you may be photographed. You agree to allow your photo, registration information, video, or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by the activity holders, producers, sponsors, organizers, and assigns. *