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October 28th, LAN Update

Our LAN is coming up fast! Please register below if you plan to attend, we will send email updates on anything that may change.   Pre-Registration is open until the day before the event, October 27th @5:00PM, tickets at the door will be 20$ if not registered online.   5:30 PM - Doors Open (Registration and Seating) 7:30 PM - LAN Party Start Time 8:00 PM - Rocket League Tournament 9:00 PM - Halo 5 Forge Tournament 10:30 PM - Overwatch Tournament 12:00 AM - Counter Strike Tournament 1:00 AM+ - Super Intense Gaming   Prizes and Giveaways require registration online or at the event, more information will be provided details provided at the event.   Register Here: http://register.critgamer.com
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October 2016 LAN Party

Information has been posted regarding our October LAN Party: http://www.critgamer.com/register/ Be sure to check it out and stay updated here and on social media for updates. More to come!
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July 15th, 2nd LAN Update

Gamers, Our next LAN Party is coming up fast! Scheduled for Friday July 15th, 2016. We are scheduled to start at 5:30PM. Please register below if you plan to attend! This is going to be a great one! There will be energy drinks available sponsored by Red Bull and GroupM7, we will be downtown so please bring snacks or food as available food items are limited downtown. Some updates to look forward to this next LAN Party are: 1. New location in downtown Tyler! - Directions Here! Check the Registration Page for more details. 2. We have various partners that have sponsored many giveaways for us. Including aluminum mouse pads,  (Gunnar) gaming glasses, a grand prize raffle giveaway of a InWin case and 1200w Power Supply. gift cards (Rocket Fizz) and tabletop games…
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July 15th LAN Update

Gamers, Our next LAN Party is Friday July 15th, 2016! Setup starts at 5:30 PM and continues into the evening. Please register below if you plan to attend, we will send email updates on anything that may change. We are excited to see you there, we have made some changes to the registration page so please look over this information and ask any questions you may have. The new location is 315 North Broadway Avenue #100, Tyler, TX 75702 In the Genecov Room on the first floor. We have the building from 5pm to 10am on Saturday, so stay and play is what we say. We are working to secure several other sponsorships with both local businesses and well known vendors. At this time we have sponsorship from GUNNAR Optiks…
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